Three summer makeup essentials!

Personally when it comes to summer time I prefer to go for lightweight makeup and very minimal. This is both I want to spend as much time in the sun before the rainy weather returns and the likelihood of me sweating the makeup off is high. Nobody likes a patchy and uncomfortable face of makeup. I have chosen three products that i use for the summer time, either just the three items or the three items as my base and layer with a few more for days when i’m feeling more makeup please kinda days.

Maybelline Instant Anti-age Eraser Concealer-£8.99

This first item (above) is Maybelline Instant Anti-age Eraser Concealer, this concealer has good medium coverage and is brightening for under eyes. It is good for light concealing jobs on the face. In the summer I like to either just use this concealer as my base or a light layer of foundation and this concealer.

Rimmel Insta Strobing highlighter/illuminator – £5.99

Next item is Rimmel Insta Strobing highlighter/illuminator, I really like to use this product both for highlighter and/or illuminator underneath a light coverage of foundation to get a dewy natural base. For foundation I either use less than normal and/or mix my foundation with my face moisturiser to get a simple “tinted moisturiser”. The lighter layer of foundation allows my skin to breathe and sweat in the heat, which is more comfortable and gets rid of the gross heavy feeling of thick layers of face makeup.

Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara – £8.99

Lastly, a must for all year round to complete a makeup look is mascara. The Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara is my all time favourite mascara it makes my lashes long and voluminous without feeling heavy. A trick I personally do is due to the mascara taking it’s time to dry on lashes I run my finger underneath the lashes after applying the mascara to curl my lashes with my fingers and it gets rid of the excess mascara that will weigh the lashes down. Then I either wash my hands or wipe my fingers with a makeup wipe and i’m good to go. To complete the look I spray a setting spray to set the makeup and Vaseline (personal favourite the Aloe Vera scent/flavour?) on the lips. Now I have a dewy, lightweight and comfortable makeup look!


Cheap and cheery eyeshadow palettes!

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram or any form of social media and see eyshadow looks that are colourful and popping and wish you too could achieve that? I certainly did, however looking into costs wise eyeshadow palettes can be expensive especially ones with vibrant and fun colours. For example, Morphe/James Charles artistry palette is around £39 and is usually sold out. I personally love to use bold colours in my eyeshadow looks and not the biggest fan of palettes with lots of browns. However, my biggest obstacle is that I don’t have the biggest budget to splurge on makeup. If you too are in a similar situation with the need for bright bold colours. Makeup Revolution is a affordable highstreet makeup brand that has grown in popularity in recent years and there’s no doubt about it their products are amazing with even more amazing price tags.

Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette- £8

Just to show you how far the makeup brand has gone, the picture above is my first revolution palette which I got for my birthday, the colours are pretty basic and the colours are all quite similar. I must admit the pigmentation isn’t too bad and a couple of the colours I would still use today.

Revolution X Soph Extra Spice – £10

Next up is my favourite and go-to palette in my collection, the Soph X Revolution Extra Spice palette. The colours are all so pretty and wearable. This palette has eyeshadows can be used for everyday looks to party looks with the shimmers and bright colours. The colours are so pigmented that this palette is great for getting ready in a rush but still want to put on eyeshadow. Since, the eyeshadows don’t need a prepped lid and the pallete contains lovely warm browns and oranges (my go-to colour combination for a quick eyeshadow look).

Revolution Reloaded Marvellous mattes- £4 (left)
Revolution Re-loaded Passion For Colour – £4 (right)

Lastly, these two palettes are my most recent purchases (Superdrug had a for 1 offer). I went in hoping to get the Tammi X Revolution Tropical Carnival palette, unfortunately it was not in stock in the store (I will hopefully eventually get my hands on it). Instead I picked up these two beautiful palettes and I don’t regret it, the colour are bold and just what I was looking for. However, unlike the Soph X Revolution Extra Spice palette with these palettes I have found that I need to do some eyelid prepping beforehand so are definitely for a more time consuming makeup process. In order to prep my eyelids, I use concealer on my eyelid then loose setting powder on top. After prepping the eyelid the eyeshadows are much more vibrant when used on the eyelid. For the £4 price each it’s definitely worth it!

Want natural and dewy skin?

Foundation is the base for makeup so I like to choose a product based on the finish and the feel of the product on my skin. Estée Lauder double wear foundation has been hyped for a very long time and I’ve been wanting to try it for years, is it worth the hype? YES! It is hand’s down one of y favourite foundation. It has a light – medium build coverage, the consistency is more on the liquidy (which I personally prefer). Since the consistency is liquidy it is best to apply on face with a brush and then if wanted a beauty sponge to get a more flawless finish or else the sponge will soak up a lot of the product. Moreover, not only is the shade range vast and diverse, there is a free process of colour matching to find the perfect shade for you. The process was easy just had to book online then walk in the chosen store and they use their magic tool to colour match your perfect shade and do your full makeup whilst your there. However, due to its £30+ price tag and myself being a broke student, I don’t plan on repurchasing this product consistently, especially since the product did not come with a pump (had to purchase separately). I have found the perfect high street dupe, for around £10 with a pump (I recommend heading into Boots or Superdrug since they usually have a 3 for 2 offer, meaning more makeup for less the usual price) this astonishing foundation is the Revlon colourstay foundation for normal/dry skin type. This foundation does have a slight scent, which i personally don’t mind. The consistency, finish and wear power is very comparable. The foundation also gives a dewy and still natural coverage. The only major difference is the price tag and the feeling of wearing an expensive product. Both these foundations have both my heart and my money, I would recommend both depending on budget.

R xoxo

Estée Lauder Double Wear- Shade 4N2 Spiced Sand
Revlon Colorstay for normal/dry skin- Shade 370 Toast (accidentally got wrong shade, too warm for me usual shade is 330 Natural Tan)